Buy Just What You Want, Customized For Your Needs

Procurement of servers, hardware, and software for your office or business can be a unique challenge. Deciding on the right piece of equipment at appropriate price can often be frustrating. CSS offers Procurement service to aid in the decision-making process, taking the mystery out of the hows and whats.

CSS partners with companies such as HP, Xerox, IBM, Microsoft, Symantec and many more to offer you the best prices and availability possible. Whether you’re looking for 5 computers, 100 printers or a server, CSS can help you every step of the way. Personal attention is paid to every client to discover your exact needs for your business. If you’re unsure as to which direction to go or what you might require, CSS has the experience and the expertise in procurement to ascertain the best fit for your company.

Customized Solutions for Your Procurement Needs
  • Servers
  • Workstations
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Software
  • And More!

Server procurement is a tedious task, there are multiple options to choose from. Knowing which one is best for your company isn’t always cut and dry. Servers are the backbone to maintaining your data and security. CSS specializes in server procurement, and with the help of a CSS expert, you’ll get the right server for your business.

Is it time to update your computers, servers and software? CSS offers their Infrastructure Refresh service for these particular times. You let them know what needs to be replaced, and CSS will do all the research and procurement for you! After your infrastructure has been refreshed, CSS can store them under lock and key, high end security, monitoring as well as help managing implementation across your network. Software setup, physical installation, trouble shooting, on-site technicians and after the fact review are all parts of the Infrastructure Refresh service.

Columbia Server procurement and Infrastructure Refresh services are only one piece to the puzzle. CSS also offers Software procurement for your company needs. They utilize DoubleCheck by eFolder, to help keep your email free of spam and viruses. With CSS’s software you get the benefit of powerful logging and reporting, view details of emails, fast configuration time, the ability to add signatures and disclosures; all without installing new software on your local systems.

There are many benefits to using CSS Procurement Services

Time Saved: CSS helps take the stress and frustration out of server and hardware procurement by reviewing your business requirements at the beginning and throughout the entire process. Finding the right solutions for your business without you spending hours on research about technical requirements and product quality.

Cost Savings: When working with CSS for your procurement needs, you can be confident that you are receiving the best equipment at an affordable price. CSS has developed many partnerships with well known, reputable vendors like HP and XEROX. This has allowed for better pricing, which is then passed on to you for greater savings.

Confidence in Quality: CSS has vast expertise and experience with a variety of computer systems and network components. In addition to their outstanding infrastructure refresh services, their server, hardware, and software procurement services have been utilized by businesses of all sizes and a wide range of industries. They understand which components are compatible with each other, and with your businesses’ needs. The vendors that CSS uses are of the utmost quality. When working with CSS for all your procurement essentials, you can be confident that the equipment you receive will more than meet your expectations.

When Might You Need Procurement Services?

The procurement service is available to businesses of all types and sizes in Columbia and beyond. Companies find the procurement and infrastructure services especially useful when:

  • Adding new servers or other hardware to a network
  • Upgrading or replacing current computer systems
  • Designing a new network
  • Designing long-term procurement strategies

To find out more about the hardware procurement service, and to see what CSS can do for you, contact us at 1-800-398-9848.