thanks_to_customersThanksgiving might not be here yet (though it’s just around the corner), but that doesn’t mean you can’t show your employees and clients just how much you appreciate them and everything that they do. In fact, appreciating those who keep your company running should be a year-round sort of thing, even if you just do something small and kind for everyone each month. Sometimes gift giving doesn’t even need to have a reason, and sometimes it can be a reward for a job well done, too. It doesn’t even need to break the bank. Here are three ideas for even the most frugal of company owners.

Thank-You Notes

Yes, send a note, not an email! It may be difficult to fathom that people still appreciate written notes, but most of the time, they do. They represent gratitude in a much different way these days, especially since hand-written notes are simply not that common. It’s too easy to send an email; write a nice note and leave it on the desk of an exemplary employee, or send it in the mail to a loyal customer.

Give a Small Gift

Even a candle of someone’s favorite scent can mean a lot to someone, and it doesn’t cost you very much. A thoughtful gift is worth more than a hundred expensive gifts. As a small business owner, you should have a good idea of what your customers and employees like, too. If you don’t know what someone likes, you can still give them small gifts. Gift cards, neutral items (such as fruit baskets or arrangements), and an extra hour off here and there can make all the difference.

Free Shipping

This is one for your clients. Everyone loves free shipping. Even if the shipping costs are included in the price, make sure you give out free shipping on occasion. It’s a relatively inexpensive way for you to please your customers and make sure that they know you appreciate their business. If they don’t know you appreciate their business, they are likely to take it elsewhere. Sometimes, a special code for free shipping and 10% off a purchase can spur more purchases (or even social media shares).

A Special Phone Call

Most people don’t expect phone calls anymore, which makes them even more special. Even if you just catch someone’s voicemail, leaving a heartfelt message about how important their business is to you can be impactful. It doesn’t cost you much more than a minute or two of your time, and it can create some warm feelings and positive attitudes on the other end, which most people really appreciate (especially if they’ve had a hard day). A phone call to thank someone is never a bad move.

Small gifts may not seem very significant, but in the end, they can mean a lot to both your employees and your clients.

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